In order to make your idea real and the project effective, you will find here information that will help you to succeed. from IDEA, it becomes a PROJECT, and finally a PRODUCT. No matter how you call it, software, app, hardware, device... we will support you.

.Because you feel concerned about an issue or a need and you think that technology, IOT... could be somehow useful. .Because you need more skills to get your project further. You could find designers, developers and more in the Community. .Because you won't be alone .Because you want to get involved in opensource, coding, Designing devices, softwares or services that will change and imporve our life and environment.
Each project is independently created and crafted by the person behind it. The people you see on have complete control and responsibility over their projects. 1.First, you propose your idea or project on the platform. It will be read and approved by the community. Reminder : the primary conditions are as follow: a truly and effectively value to our life and/or work condition, improve truly and effectively or simply make better our environement, everything is opensource, it implies technology. 2.secondly, the project is showed on keepitconnected projects webpage. designers, developers, users, supporters... will be able to get involved. 3.Finally, to make sure your project will work, we and hopefully the whole communty will be here for you in case of advice, need...
Make sure that your idea or project fulfill the primary conditions. (social or environemental impact; opensource; technology). To put it simple, the platform is made for supporting any idea, people, organisation based on technology and/or IOT that will make our world better. No need to be an entrepreneur or high skilled developer. Just bring your idea, share it, talk about it. Any one that wants to can take care of it and make it real. Don't even think about your dividend, there won't be any. But be sure that you might initiate and will be part of making our life, work or environement much better !
The world as we know it evloves pretty quiclky and somehow eratically. Technology evolves even quicker. we want to use those three to both save our time, energy, resources, money and improve our life and environement's conditions. But it is possible only with low cost, everyone idea and contribution. The world is full of good, genious brains. The world will be even more full of connected devices and brand-new products and services, let's just bring them all together and use it for good. Finally, in the matter of agricultural, sea and forest and social issues, food, water, energy, living conditions will be our concern everyday. it is already the case in some part of the world. We strongly believe thet community and those technologies can bring solutions. As for Opensource, the very spirit and the good it can bring to all of us, and fast, is very appreciated. Plus, Down here we try to be and stay open on every matter. This is the only way to get together and make everything possible.
1. Bring your idea and share it. 2. Someone supports you, your idea get to the next level. 3. No one does, stay cool and figure something else out. 4. Get to next level: your project appears on the platform 5. You are good to go further and you are in charge. You will find information about project management, process etc on keepitconnected/projects.
No. The platform keepitconnected won't charge you any fee. We are here to support you, not take your money.
Your have two solutions: .Leave a comment, .Send a message (at the bottom)
You are the most welcome. You get in touch with the one in charge of the project. Go to the project page and leave a comment and send a message. In order to make your request clear: Say who you are, why you want to join the project, and an email, address or something to contact you back.
No problem. Before leaving, the one ot the team in charge of the project might have some rules or requirements to go in and out the project. Make sure that there in nothing to do before leaving?
It is possible. Opensoruce doesn't mean that your work, end product or service is for free. Opensource means that you give liberties to others to use, modify, distribute etc the code, process... (it is up to you or your team to choose what liberties you give. To know more, go to Opensource Initiative or Free Software Foundation official websites ). It is also up to you to choose your business model. It can be a simple foundraising campaign online, or more complicated set of organisation with legal structure for distributing and saling your product or service.