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Conserving Habitats Critical to North America’s Wildlife

How to get involved

A vision this big requires a lot of support

We invite interested funders, such as private foundation staff and philanthropists, to request access to explore our diverse portfolio of private land conservation opportunities. Search projects by geography or conservation values to find the ones that align best with your mission, goals, and values.

We are inspired by the scores of efforts currently underway to conserve privately owned land, wildlife habitat, and the headwaters of North America. We believe the strongest, most durable conservation grows from the ground up, informed by the latest and best science and the knowledge of local people who depend on the land.

The Rocky Mountains are seeing an unprecedented building boom that shows no signs of letting up. Every day, the region loses 115 acres to development. Roughly two-thirds of development is happening outside of incorporated cities and towns – in other words, in key wildlife habitat and migration routes. Once these habitats are lost, they’re nearly impossible to restore.

By working together, we have the power and opportunity to protect the most important lands for wildlife — in perpetuity.

Individual Philanthropists

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Funding the ‘Keep It Connected’ Strategy

Increasing impact, together

Access to wildlife connectivity funding will enable our land trust members to focus on private land conservation at the scale needed to keep wildlife habitat connected. Existing federal, state, and local funding cannot meet the increasing demand, and often times, these sources require match.  The projects in our portfolio are close to completion, with the final funding gaps left to fill.

Ways to support Keep It Connected

Three ways to get Involved

Fund Projects

Choose specific projects or criteria to fund based on your interests, or contribute to the overall portfolio and our team will distribute funds based on our impact assessment scoring process.

Support us

100% of funding for Keep It Connected goes directly to land trust projects. Heart of the Rockies Initiative does not take a commission for connecting funders with land trusts. Operating funds are essential for us to sustain this effort.

Connect Us with Others

Do you know other foundations or philanthropists who are interested in conserving connectivity for wildlife, functioning ecosystems, and working ranchlands? Please put us in touch.

Ready to get involved?

Project Pipeline Process

Our portfolio is designed to find the funding necessary to move each project to completion and bring the next project waiting in the wings into the spotlight. The unprecedented building boom happening across the West brings with it a growing sense of urgency and a growing demand for conservation options sought by landowners. Land trusts are seeing increased interest from landowners and their pipeline of projects is growing. The portfolio will be changing and evolving, so be sure to check back often for new opportunities to invest in wildlife connectivity projects.

Keep Wildlife Habitat Connected before it’s too late.

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